Thursday, January 27, 2022

Shopping with Blobby

Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think.

You know, often, this entry is more humourous than it is of help. Sure, now and again, there is actually something to show or recommend (like today), but more often than not I just like poking the to speak. 

Yesterday, I mentioned the coldness of the 216. It's not getting better. Quite the opposite. 

As I write this, we have a warning of windchills of 15 below (or more), so............yay. Oddly enough, I have touched on what a freeze baby I am - and I'm finding out that is kind of a lie. 

Kind of !

I actually do pretty well - for the most part - outdoors. With the right jacket, hat and mittens (yes, I have never found a pair of gloves have never kept me warm), I'm actually ok. I have flannel lined jeans, but rarely wear them. 710 wears the ones I got him 10x more than I do. 

It is inside cold that bothers me. When I can't warm up inside (no, not like where my heart is supposed to be!). I feel betrayed when I am inside and still have to sit on my hands to warm them up. We have four walls, a door, a window - and heat. I shouldn't still have to be cold inside. 

The "new" house is better than the old, so that's part of it. 

But 12 degrees (feels like 2) is still 12......or 2. And even in this weather, my hands can get chilled. Now, me, being me, would usually just power through it. Oh sure, I'd moan, but I'd do without and just get that dog walked or whatever I'm doing.  ('s a dog walk!  It's always a dog walk!)

My sister-in-law bought these things. 

They are a nice idea, but nothing I would have plunked down money for. Mostly because I'm cheap. 

But, they're shareable. Once taken out of the packet and massaged / rubbed, they start to give off heat - and then do so for (allegedly) 7-8 hours. So, she can use them for her walks, and 710 or I can use them for ours. 

They are toasty, but not overly so........but then again, it was 12 degrees out. Maybe at 25 they feel hotter. 

You just take one per mitten and slip it in (that's what she said!)

They can go in boots, but that seems like discomfort waiting to happen. Not the heat, but the bulk that will invariably slide into the wrong place while taking stride. 

In theory, these are probably good to have in your car in case of being stuck, or if you're out on longer hikes - or if you want to take longer hikes and it's colder. 

Reading reviews makes it sound like each opened pair (2 per pack) can last weeks. You have to put them in an airtight container and you can take them back and and re-massage them back to life. We haven't tried that yet, but hey, why not give it a shot? 

As the upcoming weekend still looks brutal, but Shep still wants to go out for longer hikes, why not use them there and there. For me, they wouldn't be an every day thing, but for snow blowing and shoveling and such - why not try them? 

Oh - and again with the 'allegedly' - if you buy them off-season (read: summer) they're a lot cheaper. Now that IS up my alley. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Looks like a good product . I thought it was something to eat or a sex aid. And she did say “ you just slip it in”