Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Don't Let Me Die in Florida

I am stealing the blog image from Rebecca. 

Her accompanying remark was perfect too:  "Jesus Xst CNN, we are 10 days in". 

My argument was: maybe we could have, and should have, more "celebrity" deaths less than two weeks in. 

I have never seen a thing Bob Sagat had - well, had - done. Well, allegedly he was the voiceover for How I Met Your Mother, but since I had never really seen him in anything, I couldn't tell you his voice matched who I thought the guy was. 

So, technically, I did hear him for nine years. 

The weird obsession over his death. Daily a different article - not just in CNN but our local stupid-ass newspaper - talks about his death and speculates on how. 

How invested in this guy are we?  From a brief perusal of one or two articles, it doesn't seem liked he died in an extraordinary way - like say, Jon Benet, Son of My Sister Sam or Jeffrey Epstein. 

Honestly, don't we each die a little anytime we are in a hotel room in Orlando? 

Song by: Patty Griffin


mwg1208 said...

Bob Saget was one of the preeminent stand-up comedians
in the last 30 odd years. He bridged generations. Rickles and Dangerfield
and Pryor loved him. His contemporaries loved him, and he was giving a foot
up to the young ones. What is being said is how kind he was, how
generous with his time and money. And he was just 65. Ready to start a
new phase of his career (hence Jacksonville and Orlando). And you hear
because his close friends are Kimmell, Conan, and other late night
comedians. mwg

Travel said...

Aww come on O-town is not that bad, it was my home for 15 years until I fled in terror and horror.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I’d be Glad to die in a Ritz Carlton with room service and a Cheap Hustler. Sounds like a nice way to go.