Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Ad of the Month

Yeah - I'm just knocking out this low hanging fruit early on this month. I'm struggling a little in terms of writing.  My world has been all work lately. Dog walks and grocery stores. 

I suppose that is true of the last 22 months. Life just seems more stagnant lately. I'm sure I'll get out of the rut. I mean, after 12 of 12. I just need to milk this shit a few more days...........hopefully. 

This ad, for a Fiat 500 amused me. Never mind, that apparently it's from 2018. I've never seen it.  And isn't that's what is important?  Me!?!


James Dwight Williamson said...

Actually I liked it also no matter what year it was done. Very cute, slightly sexist lol!

Travel said...

A creative ad, I am trying to figure out the psychology behind it, not a car I would expect to sell to bad boys, maybe to women who want to attract a bad boy.