Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Turn Me On

'Tis cold.  Still. 

Our once 16" of snow is now up around the 22" mark, with not only continual snow fall, but decreasing temperatures that do not, and will not, allow for melting. 

UV rays aren't doing much for melting per se, but the slush on the roads are turning back to cement or asphalt. 

17 it was yesterday. WeatherBug (or was it Dark Sky?) says it is to be 8 degrees colder today than the day before. So...........well.........fuck. 

It's hard to complain too too much about it. It is January on the shores of a Great Lake. I mean, we didn't even get snow until the middle of January. Before Climate Change, that used to happen before Halloween. 

Even in our well-insulated house (lord, that older house would be SO cold now!) the kitchen was a tad chilly last evening. 

This would be the weak the seat heater in my car doesn't work. 

I totally get this is a First World Problem. I do. 

Still.................I'm irk'd that the passenger seat one does work, and that I now don't live in the U.K. 

If the seats were cloth, you know, I could muddle through, but when this hairy tush hits freezing cold leather, but it turns out my ass isn't hirsute enough and there aren't pants thick enough to keep my skin from cracking on contact. 

Supply chain, being what it is, means no part for a week, maybe two. Honestly, the service guy, Rick {sigh} laughed when I said, "I assumed you were going to tell me late April". The sad thing was, I wasn't joking. 

I'm sure by the time it's all fixed, I won't need to turn it on. 

Song by: the Tubes

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Travel said...

Can they move the part from the passenger seat to the drivers seat while waiting for the replacement? Heated seats are wonderful, my little convertible has them. My father had them in his last Buick, in Florida, and he loved them as he got older.