Wednesday, January 05, 2022

No Place to Go

Have you ever been on I-95?

I mean, anywhere on it?  

I don't care if you're in Maine, New York, Philly, or any of the Carolinas. It. Is. Just. Horrible. 

Yes, Virginia might be the worst of it. In the dozens of times I've been on that road, I have never had a good trip. Even last summer, the 90 mile trip from DC to Richmond took us almost four hours.  Assuming one is going 60 mph - and you know, given the chance, I don't go that slow - it would have been, yes, a 90 minute ride. 

The picture you see above these words are like every single trip I've ever taken on this road, but with snow. 

The mid-Atlantic area is notorious for the inability to handle any precipitation, be it rain, snow or ice. The idea of snow has schools and businesses closing down. This isn't even an exaggeration. 

Once, on a business trip to January, it was 50 degrees and residents were wearing hats, scarves and gloves. I didn't even bring an overcoat. 

I've also been there for the threat of snow and during an ice storm. In theory, I could get around, but since no one else could, I too was stuck because...........well............people.  A business associate told me, then, she sat on the beltway for almost nine hours.  There was less than 4" of snow. 

And people the last few days stuck on I-95 for over 24 hours. 

Now, if I'm on 95, I almost always have food and drink, but I'm usually on a trip, not a commute. So I don't know what one does stranded there for over a day. I guess get hungry and thirsty. 

But you know my question:  where do you poop? 

Well, I mean, the options are limited. Honestly, wait until dark by the side of the road, I guess. Not one can always hold it until sunset. Or, you put on a show. I mean, nature calls. And there are a few thousand of you out there. It's bound to happen. I has to. Like it or don't. 

At some point modesty must be tossed to the wind - along with other things. 

My would-be luck of course, days later, commuting back to work, a car would ride along side me who saw me to that nasty deed days earlier.......he'd say something to his passenger, they'd point at me and laugh - and speed off. 

I just know it. 

Song by: Fleetwood Mac


wcs said...

I know whereof you speak.

"They'd point at me and laugh - and speed off." Not in that traffic they wouldn't.

Blobby said...


Travel said...

There are days when it is best to hunker down and not go out there, for I 95, that is most days.

Anonymous said...

Well, if traffic is stopped and you have to pee, open the car door, use it as a privacy screen (works well for sedans - not sure about lifted trucks, and use your pee jar or TravelJohn. Look steadfastly into the distance as if you are trying to see whether or not the traffic obstruction has cleared.

For defecation, I believe that the bears now have th he answer to do people poop in the woods?

For cleanup, everybody should have hand sanitizer in the car...right?