Thursday, January 20, 2022

I'll Stick Around

It can be fun when art imitates life. 

At work, as it is a hospital, patients and visitors get screened for Covid at the entrances. Well, the entrances that are now open. Due to the pandemic there are only limited ways in and out of the hospital. This lessens the likelihood that someone gets in without getting their temp taken and the pertinent questions asked. 

They also must take, and wear, a sticker like the one to your left. It has the date of the month on it. It lets folks know they were screened that vey day. 

Employees uses to have to go through that screening process too. Then we went to an app that screens us. Then they just decided we should just go on good faith we'd self-police. As if.  They encouraged employees to pick up a sticker and wear them too. I did for a while, but they aren't great on clothes when you pull them off and even worse on your ID badge. So I don't. 

Or didn't. 

Last year, I showed and out door light pole covered in the discarded stickers of visitors and staff. 

Part of me was amazed the organization didn't clear them off. Part of me was glad they didn't. I think it symbolized commitment, resilience, perseverance, continuity and the passing of time. 

The organization also has an art department, that acquires, and sometimes sells,  works of art - all of them local. This go-round a few people did art projects with these dots. 

It looks as much like Jeff Sessions as is does Anthony Fauci. The tag claims it is the latter. 

At least RBG is better. 

However, they also opted for an interactive piece of art too. And daily I've been participating. 

I now pick up a date sticker and place it here.   ....or there. 

Yes, we are paying homage to the lamp post.  Now, do I think they could have made it more actual sized? Yes, I do. But that said, I don't know where one can send this out to be printed. Probably not Fed-Ex / Kinkos. 

I'm more surprised how many people are NOT doing this. But then, I don't know how long it will be up, but usually the art is there six weeks, and we're only a week in.'s hoping. 

Song by: Foo Fighters


Travel said...

Neat idea,

James Dwight Williamson said...

I have regrets, but RBG ala Warhol , can still pull my heartstrings

Ur-spo said...

that is clever.