Wednesday, October 20, 2021

If You Could Read My Mind

This might sound weird, but I miss reading. 

I mentioned in my 12 of 12 of getting a new book.  It has been forever and a day since I bought a new book.......let alone read one. 

Somewhere in my past, I loved to read and would devour books, but know, life happened.  I work a lot - and I mean a lot! - and then I come home, walk the dog, make dinner, have an hour after that before I start to get ready for bed. 

......oh and I'm still hopelessly addicted to the NYT Spelling Bee, so I don't really do much of anything in my free time if I haven't made 'genius'. 

So my book reading had dropped to almost nil. It got to the point where I didn't even miss it, because I pretty much forgot about it.  No offense to blogs, but reading them isn't the same, and to be honest, I'm not even keeping up on most of those. 

Yet, during one of our Sunday friend calls, Morty brought up a book. He talked it up - like Terri Gross does on Fresh Air. He made it sound so good, the other four of us on the call ordered it that very day. All 592 pages of it. 

Normally, restarting a past time should not begin with almost 600 pages, but here we were. We all agreed to not talk about it until everyone had read it.  Morty, of course, was already finished before he even mentioned the book, so the rest of us were just going to play catch-up. 

The day I got the book, I sat down for 90 minutes and read as many pages. It. Was. Great. 

I mean, the book is good - even better than good - but the process the familiarity was just welcoming and felt comforting. And I started to remember why I kind of gave up reading:  I loved to read in bed. But I'm an old fart now, more often than not a book would end up on the floor or next to me, because I fell asleep. 

So, I redirected my pattern and it all worked out. 

As luck would have it, 710 had to go out of town for a day - part of one rainy Saturday - and I planted my hairy ass on the sofa and read another 400 pages and the last 100 the following morning. 

The book - the Heart's Invisible Fury Invisible Furies - was a good read for sure, but not overly taxing. It certainly kept interest, made me laugh more than one time, and pretty much tear up one other. 

Since we promised no spoilers, there are no details here. 

But now, I want to go back to reading which means blog-reading suffers even more and the tv might stay off, which should be just fine. 

......and yes, I read physical books. I like the feel of them. And if it's a big enough book, it probably hursts as much as an iPad when you doze off and it falls on your face........and I don't have to make sure it's charged. 

Song by: Gordon Lightfoot

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