Wednesday, October 06, 2021


It was a 12+ hour work day yesterday. Meeting after meeting, few of them good. 

Some of our poor Legal staff. I think they must just loathe me. I have to believe I engage them more than any other hospital administrator.   .........yet, here we are. 

Of course, it's work - so I'll never give you the particulars, or even remote real life scenarios. I just employ some problem children - and I'll leave it at that. 

Still, barely into halfway through the week (well, kind of) and I'm kind of wiped. I think the second half of the week will be better?  It will end with another call with Legal................on Friday starting at 17:00.  

Still...........I'll take it.

That said. I'm drafting this and going to bed.  

Song by: LCD Soundsystem


James Dwight Williamson said...

I hope that things get better, I can imagine if your place of work is seeking a vaccine mandate or other things it is very hard. I can’t imagine , why people don’t understand, that for the most part Drs and hospitals are good things. BLOTUS former, exposed a lot of Crazy in America. Somedays I think it’s good somedays I wish they had all stayed under their slimy rock.

Travel said...

Do you ever think, I am too old for this shit? They don't pay me enough for this?