Monday, October 04, 2021

My Music Monday

Here's my theme for the month:  One of the blog titles from the previous week. 

I mean, most are attached to a song. Clearly not some of the static themed posts (Site of the Month, etc), but assuming I haven't used all the the week's song titles in previous My Music Monday posts, I should be able to eke out something, right? we go. 

Given the option, I'm always going for Blondie.  

The poor band couldn't even get .com.  The have .net. I suppose we should be happy it's not .biz. 

"In the Sun" closes out their debut / self-titled disk from 1976. 

While the band insisted they weren't a retro band, and still wanted to be more punk than new wave, this song does nothing to provide that image.  "In the Sun", while not screaming 'surf music', certainly carries that vibe more than anything punk. 

The great thing about the band is: they were never ever one thing. The styles changed song to song and album to album. It was a little difficult to pin them down at all. And there is nothing wrong with that. 

I cannot believe this song is pushing 50 years old. 


James Dwight Williamson said...

Deborah Harry , seems timeless and always stylish. I like everything she does. I like the outward appearance that she is not a troubled soul, the one feature of many musicians that makes me wonder about their longevity. Long May she sing. I find myself wondering , sometimes a lot what Amy Winehouse , would have been , if she could have conquered her demons. But that isn’t your subject.

Travel said...

suddenly our music, is showing up in elevators

Jonny said...

I'll pack along a luau luuuuuunch.