Friday, October 08, 2021

Straight On

Am I phoning these in?  It feels like it lately. 

That doesn't bode well for you - and less for me. 

I went to my second office today. First time in weeks, it seems. I was working off-site and somewhat nearby. At least closer than my main workspace. 

This place has been dead for months. It's an administrative building, so no actual clinical anything. Finance, HR, IT and the likes have been working from home. But today, while still far from being full, there was more life in the parking lot than I'd seen for the last 17 months. 

Inside had a different vibe. People who used to have office didn't anymore - or were at last moved, some to other office, some downgraded to cubes. At least no one kicked me out............yet. 

On the IT floor, the folks I know who were there, were seemingly gone, with posts over the name plates with new names on them.  I made assumptions, of course, but no one around to axe. 

Before I left for the day, I had to use the restroom. 

First off..............really? 

Yes, make the 'straight women' joke. I did.  Well, in my own mind. There was no one around to hear anything I had to say. 

So, we are going through a major overhaul of our clinical IT systems - and it will take three years to complete. Official kick off was three days ago.  I'm assuming all those post-it names were the transition team and everyone else got kicked out for them.    ....and guessing the directions for where to go #1 and #2 were for the newbies. 

But the directions in the pic. And the sequence of the sign itself.  Awful!

90% of the people needing these restrooms won't be coming at that sign head on. I didn't either. I just stepped back to take the pic. 

Straight - the direction and not the women's lifestyle / choice - isn't accurate, as the women's room is two feet to the left and not behind the filing cabinets. 

And for continuity sake shouldn't it be:  Women Straight; Men <---- ? 

By the time it takes to figure out where to go, one has already gone.........if you get my drift. 

Looking back on this post now, it should just about no lesbians in the bathrooms. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Glad you took a. Pic. obviously someone on your HR team isn’t doing their job or they are. Or , someone is doing a job that isn’t qualified for it.

Travel said...

Email HR, file a complaint