Thursday, October 07, 2021


So, I guess Friends is still a thing?  Somehow? 

I mentioned a few weeks ago here that I wasn't a fan of the show.  Yes, too white for sure, but oh so fucking whiney. 

Keep your neurosis bottled up like the rest of us. I get that doesn't make for a great sitcom, but.....there's only so much loathing of David Schwimmer's self-loathing and watching Matthew Perry's drug addiction./ wasting away that one can take. 

Yet here I was taking a walk at lunch, as I usually do, and got behind this dude. 

Now I work at an academic hospital, so we are college campus adjacent.......and usually during my lunchtime walk it's change of class.  ......and the guy in the pic was ahead of me. 

Now, college means taking a math course........and sometimes taking it over again. But now I'm in charge of millions of dollars in revenue and millions of dollars in expenses. somewhere along the way I picked that shit up. So, I used my inner-head calculator.  Or tried to. 

Word problems only work if know at least some of the variables.  In this case.....when Friends was actually on and when it actually finished.  I guessed the '90s, but I wasn't quite right. I had to look it up. and it went off the air in 2004.  Though, it could be argued it's never been off the air. 

So, if one was a freshman at college, the show was off the air about they time they were born. If a senior, they have been watching it while mom breast fed in front of the boob tube.   ........see what I did there? 

I kind of get seeing the show in passing, but not sitting down to watch it episode by episode. And certainly not taking that extra step going on-line - or to Goodwill - and purchasing Friends merchandise.  While not a math problem, it is certainly subtraction. 

Honestly, I never saw anyone at the height of the show with any Friends clothing. I mean, it wasn't the Simpsons

Kids. I just don't get it. 

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wcs said...

I never really watched Friends. I knew it was on, but I figured I had already seen Seinfeld, so what was the point?

James Dwight Williamson said...

I hated Seinfeld, except for the Soup Nazi , the finale proved me right. I was fascinated that Monica’s grandmother had left her real estate, Joey was hot, to me Chandler always wanted Joey to jump his bones. Phoebe was useless . Rachel and Ross were pretty useless, but I have had a love interest torture me that long. I really wish there had been a gay one, that would have given them all some backbone or not. They had some great guest stars.