Thursday, October 28, 2021

No Idea

Here's an ugly truth many bloggers might hate to admit:  sometimes you just don't feel like writing. 

Sure, sometimes you struggle for a topic, but sometimes you just don't care, even if you have had said topic. 

98.3% of the time, I still enjoy to write, and even want to. But now and again - like now - the mood isn't there. 

I believe that like Stella, I will get my groove back. Nothing some ice cream and a good night sleep might fix.  If not, I can just turn it into a blog with pics and memes. I wouldn't be the first........or the last. 

Song by: Any Trouble


Travel said...

There are always cat and dog pics to fall back on.

Ur-spo said...

Yes. That is true
Sometimes I catch myself realizing I am blogging not from fun or desire but as a 'should' statement.
It's one thing to endure a boring marriage but a boring hobby makes no sense - Jane Wanger.