Saturday, October 23, 2021

Jungle Love

Saturday. Pet Day. The reason you suckers keep coming back here.  Listen, if I come in 3rd behind these two, that is the BEST case scenario. 

Office Cat. 
She doesn't really pick up after herself. 

Car make-out sesh.......with two dudes. 

Defiant park squirrel.

Confident Cat. 
She rules the house. 

Defiant 'hood squirrel.


The pair. 

Jungle Sophie. 
We let her outdoors twice 15 years ago - supervised. She proved to be a flight risk. 

But she wanted out and the backyard is pretty inescapable - and we kept a close watch on her. 
She. Loved. It. 

I think we shall try again soon. 

Song by: the Time


James Dwight Williamson said...

Defiant Hood squirrel and Jungle Sophie.

Travel said...

Such a cutie, and your little dog too.

Anonymous said...

Yes Sophie is the star of the blog, she takes great photos.