Sunday, October 03, 2021

the Fall of the World's Own Optimist

Who knows, by the time you read this, I might be $635,000,000 richer. 

It could happen. 

Even I don't know yet if I'm a multi-millionaire, because I'll be asleep well before the draw. And then I'll have to wait till Monday to get a money manager before I even collect the loot. 

710 laughs at me - and rightfully so - saying in this regard, and this only, am I an optimist. 

He is probably not wrong on this. 

I have no real illusions about winning. Perhaps some delusions. 

Sure, it would be nice to get Shep everything he wants, but then I thought,  I'm pretty sure he already gets everything he wants. And when he wants it. 

I'd like whomever wins - I mean, if not me - to do some good with that kind of money. I don't mean houses for their family. But housing for those who can't afford it and don't have it. Food for people who are hungry and of course, fund every pet shelter everywhere. 

There will still be money to fund your lifestyle. 

I'm of the age that I couldn't possibly rip through that much dough in what time I have left on this planet, so why not help those less fortunate.  

See - those are my illusions of winning. 

I mean, I'm not completely altruistic, I'd be doing some nice things for ourselves and our friends. 

Since we would have left our employment, I'd have to purchase insurance outside of work - and well, this is the U.S., so that bill might take the most of my winnings. 

If I drop this blog in the near future, it's because, well..................I'll be off doing good with my dough...from the Caymans. 

Song by; Aimee Mann


wcs said...

Well, since you "won" the Emmys contest, maybe that's a sign.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I would like the chance to Manage a large fortune, incognito. The foundation which would be most of the money, would probably be used to help food insecure people and do everything to destroy the Current Political situation that exists in the US. I would like about 7 mil in the bank and a million in checking, but can’t see where the rest couldn’t go to do good . Definitely a second house, somewhere far from Hurricane season.

Travel said...

Good luck, and don't forget the little people.

Ur-spo said...

Take comfort in the fact most lottery winners are miserable and folks like me will be bothering you for hand outs.

JP said...

Could you lend me a tenner?