Monday, October 25, 2021

My Music Monday

The theme is:  a title from one of my blog posts from the last week. And while "we" just did Prince & the Revolution, I'm sticking with his Purple Majesty - adjacent. 

"Jungle Love" is from the Time, which was a one of the many off-shoots of Prince. There was Vanity 6, Apollonia 6, the Family, Jill Jones along with his own NPG. Let's not forget Shiela E..  And his work with Chaka Kahn. 

Yes, he wrote songs others covered (Lauper, Bangles, O'Connor, etc) but he didn't actually produce them. 

While "Jungle Love" says it's written by Morris Day, the production is all Prince. 

I didn't know much about the Time before Purple Rain. 710, on the other hand, saw Prince, the Time and Vanity 6 in concert. But the band was featured heavily in the movie - and while they only got two songs on film, they (i.e. Day) figured prominently into the plot. 

I've said it before - Purple Rain was an iffy movie. The performances are incredible. The storyline and the acting is pretty much atrocious. Day. He may have been the only natural on the set, and I'm including you Clarence Williams III.  Sure, he was passable on Mod Squad, but that's where his gravy train ended. 

So, while I wanted the actual performance of "Jungle Love" here, and I found it, but it has so many cut aways from the performance, it was just easier to use the actual video - which still has cuts aways because, let's face it, it was a promotional tool for the movie itself.   Ahhhh.....MTV 1984. 

If you can look past the "ohhh-eeeee-ohhhh--eeee-oh", it's a pretty good song. At least it had its time. It was nothing I ever purchased for felt the need to - but if it came one the radio, I probs wouldn't change the channel. 

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