Friday, May 08, 2020

Talk Talk

It's not that I don't have anything to say - I actually fear I have too much.  ....and it's all a bummer.


Michael Flynn - pleads guilty (twice!), and the DOJ (William Fucking Barr) drops the criminal charges.  W.T.A.F.

I shouldn't be surprised. I am disgusted. I suppose it let's BLOTUS off for giving Flynn the eventual pardon?  It's all so fucking disappointing.


Again, disappointed, disgusted and not surprised.

A black man, Ahmaud Arbery, is murdered - hunted down, even - in Georgia. All caught on video. We know what happened. We know who did it. No charges. Oh, and one of the murders has his is photo with the governor of Georgia.

Nothing has changed. Nothing.


A woman was asked to put on a face mask at a Dollar General. Miffed - to say the least - she went home, brought back her son and husband......and the son (?) shot and killed the person who told him mom-wife to put on a mask.

Ok, I get that you're a bitch and dick at this point. But let's see how big of a dick you can be:

A. You actually shoot someone over a fucking face mask.
B. No courage of your convictions about your 'constitutional rights' (oh yes, quotes!), as, like the pussy you are, you you kind of know you've done something really wrong.
C. You leave your mom-wife behind, so so far, she's the only one in custody.

You suck on every level. Something you might be doing in prison the rest of your days. So see, not wearing a mask can kill you - as hopefully you'll die in prison for it.

The way I think I see it (I've seen most episodes of most Law & Order franchises), this is at least 2nd degree murder. That's gotta be worth 25 to life.......unless the judge is white......when apparently, you'll be free to go.


Two friends of mine this week had three family members die over a three day time span. Nothing Covid related, just some really bad timing.

There seems to be a limit in what can come out of my mouth that doesn't sound like I'm totally repeating myself.


Every state / Every legislature regarding re-opening of shit.

I'm sorry - I hope all your customers die. All your constituents who think they are somehow medical experts. Unfortunately, it will be the people they come in contact with who will die instead. That sucks.


Bet you truly wish I had nothing to say today.

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anne marie in philly said...

we are nothing but a shithole country.

Travel said...

I am going to hide under a rock for while. Actually, I am going to work from home, wear a mask, try not to endanger myself or others.