Monday, May 25, 2020

My Music Monday

I don't know from Butch Walker, though the moniker sounds like one from an 80s all-male films..................I've been told.

Apparently, he is a producer for P!nk and Green Day, and singer / songwriter in his own right.

Allegedly he has a 'new' album coming out which implies he's has others. I just heard this song somewhere on XM and took note. Honestly, when I went back to listen for this here post, I don't remember ever hearing the song "Gridlock", the first time.

But in another way, I get why it drew me in:  1970s.

When I You-Tube'd it, 710 was in the room. While the song itself isn't Fleetwood Mac-y, the backing vocals and arrangements are. 710 was thinking more Firefall. As it turns out, just a bit later, what it truly reminded me of was "Cool Night" by Paul Davis.

Me, being me, looked Mr. Walker, and indeed, while he is considering his new disk to be a rock opera - a love story about hate (parts based on a son coming out in a religious household) - he knows it is steeped in Fleetwood Mac, Doobie Brothers and Toto influences. I wasn't completely wrong about my Mac influence.

The song, due to these influences, struck a chord with me.

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