Monday, May 18, 2020

My Music Monday

In theory, I know I can get my Sirius XM to play at home through my computer, but I haven't bothered. You've already read how much I don't really care for it in my car, so why expend the energy to set it up inside.

That said, since driving is limited to the grocery store (which is like a five minute drive and hikes on weekends for Shep, my XM time is a very short window.

Somewhere in that narrow time frame, I have heard a few new songs to which I've been drawn - one of them is "Van Horn" by Saint Motel, from their confusingly titled EP, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Part 1

There is no movie, let alone a soundtrack. Hence my confusion.

Still, "Van Horn" has a good beat, a decent chorus. That's more than you can say about today's music (but say it like an old codger).

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