Saturday, May 02, 2020

Together Again

A number of both these two together.

Last week he was chasing her. This week, not so much. 

I do love when Sophie goes out. 

The boy has some big ass paws. 

We got Shep a new bed. He's never used one before. But he seems to like it. 

Sophie is so bright-eyed. 

Making himself known while I work. His fan club looks on. 

.......and Shep got to the chair first, so he wins - like it or not. 

Song by: Dwight Yoakam


Raybeard said...

Strange how dogs and cats can sometimes show an occasional friendliness towards each other which cats between themselves hardly ever do - at least mine don't, ranging from a grudging tolerance to outright hostility. Yours must bring regular moments of serenity of which I can only dream. It must need the intelligence of a Shep to bring it off.

Bob said...

Our cats and dog get along well, but then most of them grew up together.

Sophie's face seems to be asking why you're home more than usual/We're getting that, too.

Shep's face seem to say, Yay, you're home m,ore.Our dog makes the same face.

anne marie in philly said...

big ass paws is right! and a passed-out sophie, but still keeping an eye out for trouble. even 710 gets into the mix this week!

Ur-spo said...

Do you clip Shep's claws ever or have them done at the vet?

Blobby said...

We don't do them. The vet COULDN'T do them, even with being semi-sedated. His doggie daycare now does it. It took a few folks to wrangle him, now it's only one. Shep now trusts them enough. We are thinking he had a HORRIBLE experience before he came our way.