Friday, May 01, 2020


Last night, the cast of Parks & Recreation took at stab at a reunion show made during the time of Covid, and as a benefit to provide hunger relief during this time.

State Farm and Subaru were matching any donated funds for this endeavor.

I would like to say it was good, but you just wasn't.

Like SNL's foray into trying to do a show while the cast is in isolation and trying to string a script and / or story together, it's just difficult at best.

I'll give it this, save for Monalisa Saperstein (Jenny Slade, to your left) and her father, Dr. Saperstein (Henry Winkler) and maybe Brandi Maxxx, all the key and secondary players were here. All showed for the cause.

Like SNL, this Parks & Rec was a little forced. It wasn't really funny either. The secondary characters were funnier than the primary ones.  Perd. Joan Calamezzo (though she's had a LOT of work done), Jean Ralphio, Dante Fierro Dennis Feinstein and my fave, Jeremey Jamm, DDS.

I mean, I hope they raised a lot of money, but I thought it would be funnier.

They were timely and while the word 'covid' or 'coronoavirus' never appeared, the entire show was based around it and why they had to use a Zoom-like app to talk to each other.

I certainly hope they raised a lot of money - clearly Monalisa needs some.

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Bob said...

I have never seen Parks and Rec so I didn't watch, but I saw, or tried to at any rate, SNL's Home Alone shows. Not good, really, because no one used the isolation idea as a theme.

Years back there was an episode of Modern Family that took place entirely online as the family communicated to one another, and it was funny, because the joke was the isolation, not the joke because we're IN isolation..

Raybeard said...

I used to watch 'Parks and Rec' because I had the hots for Aziz Ansari, but then those sexual misconduct allegations [against women] came out and my interest waned, as they would. I believe those stories have dogged him ever since.