Wednesday, May 27, 2020

My Name Is

Overall these days, I'm finding that people suck - be them murderous cops in Minneapolis or white women in Central Park.  No offense to the black man she was maligning, the fucking way she was abusing that dog in the process.

But I was quite taken by the Sunday NYT front page - a listing of the dead from Covid-19. I love it, because you know the White House! 

....though probably not as much as they are at whomever is this skilled at ye olde photoshoppe. I thought this take on that NYT cover as just frickin perfect.   

.....and it's all I have for the day, because people suck..........except for the guy who did the below mock-up

Song by: Eminem


Raybeard said...

Brilliant front page there. Just about the only way it could be equalled is by the NYT using another full page to show Obama golfing as a backdrop to the names of all those Americans who died from the last Ebola outbreak, a 'heartless' action for which he was excoriated. Horrible enough, of course - but showing all their TWO names.

anne marie in philly said...

"golf? I won't have time for golf." - the dump