Saturday, May 09, 2020


It's Saturday - so you know the deal.

I don't need a mask when I drive, but use one when I go into daycare to retrieve Shep.
I'm glad he's not freaked out by the masks. 

Loungey Cat.

Bailey ripping around a neighbor's house with a new friend. 

Sydney and a few others. 

Pretty Kitty. 

Our new neighbors have two Jack Russell terriers - who I have yet to meet. 

Portrait moment. 

One of the best pics I've ever taken of Shep - if I say so myself.

Song by: Led Zeppelin


anne marie in philly said...

you ALWAYS take great pix of all the furkids.

Raybeard said...

A fine set as ever, now crowned by 'Shep the Sphinx'.

Bob said...

Damn that it a fine portrait of your boy!

And, as always, the punum on Soph!

Ur-spo said...

I thought the same on the last photo.