Thursday, May 28, 2020

I Just Want to Have Something to Do

The plea is so sad and so maddening, and on so many levels. 

It is a cry for help - and no one is answering. 

White people are the cause of the problem. This is a truism. Naturally, they (read: we) should be the solution as well, no? 

I'd say 'yes', but clearly we are no good at that. 

Persons of colour are afflicted and affected. We write posts like this and nothing changes because we don't actually do anything. And yes, I'm pointing all five fingers back at me.  

Another sad level is people have colour clearly have no power to stop what is happening to their communities - right out in the open. Black protests with no semi-automatic weaponry ends in tear gas and rubber bullets.  White folk:  they get sent home with no repercussions. 

Cleary that hypothetical if black people had a gathering with AR-15s it wouldn't be letting everyone going about their business is no longer hypothetical. Minneapolis proved that one wrong in one felt swoop. It is 100% a colour of ours and their skin that results with how those two groups were dealt. 

I can only imagine if that black crowd had licensed weapons with permit to carry notices showed up, they'd be shot dead. I have zero doubt on this. None. 

Here is where I fail - and I will dare say WE fail:  we've done nothing and I don't know how to get out of that hole that will actually make a noticeable difference. 

So the elephant in the room is: what do we do? 

I don't advocate violence, but Dr. King's non-violent protests turned out to be a band-aid for civil rights. This country is one millimeter further in terms of race relations as we were in the '50s turning hoses on people and lynching them. We saw a public lynching on the nightly news, Instragram, Facebook and any other social media. WE SAW IT. 

Yes, I hope those now ex-officers go to prison for life, but they are a symptom of the problem. Bit players if you will. This is festering and has been totally out of control for years. 

I need to know:  WHAT DO WE DO? 

I'm truly asking. 

Song by: the Ramones

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Ur-spo said...

you wrote this well.