Monday, May 04, 2020

My Music Monday

First off, Happy Star Wars Day(™).

I had a Star Wars related funny song to be done here, until I realized it came from Jimmy Fallon's show, and then in good conscience, I could not allow that to happen.

I refuse to promote anything Fallon related.

So I'm going with my semi-Covid, quasi-quarantine, faux shelter in place theme.

This one is brand spanking new from the Rolling Stones - "Living in a Ghost Town".

This song was started last year, but completed a few weeks ago in isolation - the band's isolation, that is. They finished this song remotely. I'll assume the video of the band working together on the song was from the 2019 sessions.

While originally the song was not about anything corona related, Mick Jagger updated / changed some of the lyrics to reflect the pandemic. It works.

It should amaze no one, but I love how a 77 year old Jagger doesn't sound that much different than a 37 (or 27?) year old one.

The song is actually good, and it is their first release of original material since 2012.

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