Thursday, September 19, 2019

In 3's

Well, it's been a week for celebrity deaths, no?

"They" say, they go in threes, and so it goes.

I was never much of an Eddie Money fan. Sure, "Shakin'" had pre-Apollonia Apollonia. And if I never hear "Two Tickets to Paradise" again, I think I'd survive. I didn't mind "Take Me Home Tonight", oddly enough.

Also oddly enough, I saw Money in concert back in 1978 {ugh, I can't believe I just typed that}. He opened for.............the Cars.  If Bob Welch, who was also on the bill, wasn't already dead, I'd tell him to "look out".  Todd Rundgren might want to take that advice though.

The Cars - in certain doses - I liked much more than Money, though even for my teen ears, they were awfully loud  Sure, MTV kind of made me hate them for a while, as they played "Magic" and "You Might Think" far far far too often.  Even their lesser known disks would usually have a decent hit on them. Maybe more.

I probably liked Ben Orr's vocals more than Ric Osasek, but he never quite got half the exposure, but had arguably vocals for some of their better songs:  "Moving in Stereo", "Drive", "Just What I Needed" and "Bye Bye Love", and my personal fave, "All Mixed Up".

But the death of the week is someone I've probably listened to more than either of these two artists. Cokie Roberts passing just sucks. For decades, every Monday morning at 06:20, she'd have her piece on NPR's Morning Edition, usually touching on the Sunday morning political shows and what things were said - and more importantly, what things weren't.

And OMFG, I hate to even say his faux-name at this point, but BLOTUS on Roberts, "she never treated me nicely" comment is just, well, uncalled for.

Admittedly, he never met her, so honestly, why is he commenting on her death at all, and better (?) yet, how did it become about him? 

Yes, I know - with him, it's all about him......24 / 7 / 365.  But fuck dude - just StFU.  Just once. Just for like 25 minutes.  But if you wanted to know why she might not have treated you nice, maybe look at what you just said about a dead woman you never even met.

Song by: Beastie Boys

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anne marie in philly said...

the dump needs to FOAD.

"take me home tonight" was the better money song.

ben orr's "stay the night" was a fave of mine. the cars, not so much.