Saturday, September 07, 2019


It's a good pet picture week...............if I say so myself.  And right now, as I draft this, I am.

Shep still doesn't know how to swim, but he loves the surf.  He just jumps right into the water. 

I disturbed her sleep to get a pic. It almost doesn't look like Sophie at all. 

Blue sky. Blue lake. Blue Angels. Thunderbirds. 

I get love when I pick him up from daycare. 

Together Alone. 

I can't even with this pic.  OMG. 

A worn out Bailey. Cooling herself on the vent. Upside down. Asleep. 

My pic of the week, if I say so myself. 
I don't know who she / he is. But just totally adorbs!

Song by: the Thorns


anne marie in philly said...

bailey! and sophie! and shep! a treat for the eyes!

Deedles said...

I love Sophie's impression of Jabba the Hutt.

Raybeard said...

This instalment beats all. Here's everything we like to see. Now having had my weekly dose =/- an extra-special one this week - I'm satisfied enough to survive another week. Thanks.

Bob said...

Sophie was really working the WTF look in that first one!

Ur-spo said...

I conçur the last one is the best of the bunch.