Monday, September 02, 2019

My Music Monday

It's Labour Day !!!

So today should be a working song, no?   Yes.

I immediately went in my mind (a scary scary place) to the Smiths with "Work is a Four Letter Word".  The song was part of a B-side compilation from Warner Bros. Songs that were never the A-side of a single.

So that phrasing alone should tell you how much I'm dating myself.

As I went to go look for a YouTube clip for this, I got ejumicated (well kind of) about the song: it's not a Smith's song. Not originally.  Shock!

Cilla Black did it originally in 1968. I only know her vaguely though references to the Beatles and I think a fleeting reference on AbFab.

The Smiths leave off the first few opening lines which were female singer bent that couldn't really be adjusted by just changing a pronoun.

The song fits well into the band's image. It's not quite as dour as some Morrissey tunes, but like "You Just Haven't Earned it Yet, Baby", it has a fun upbeat that makes you not think of the lyrics being well.......the Smiths.

For my U.S. peeps, enjoy the 3-day weekend.

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Deedles said...

See, I would've gone with Take This Job and Shove It. I'm crass that way.