Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Another Year

2018: another year on the books.  Good riddance.

Honestly, save BLOTUS, it wasn't the worst of years. Unfortunately, avec BLOTUS, it ranks right up there. He has just made life so unpleasant on so many levels.

2018 is without a doubt the year of travel. We've never taken so much time off:  DC, North Carolina (where we got to see family) and Europe (where we got to see Brett). And I still barely put a dent in my vacation time. But all were great trips. I'm not even sure we had any bad travel days.

I'm hoping 2018 was the last year of surgery and / or physical therapy for a while, and that my mother gets and stays in better health. I know that last one is a wish - as she's 90. I know the score.

And of course, we'll break it down my the previous years numbers - such as they are - as I do every January 1st.

  • Number of posts: 396. Remember, I have Pic a Day in May (plus my regular posts). 
  • Number of unique page views: 128,347  down a total of 11,460 views from 2017.  Ouch!  Where's the love, people??
  • Month w most page views: January 2018 with 19,047. 
  • Number of comments: 1,024. That is a 7.3% increase over last year. Sure, they're probably mostly about Shep and Sophie, but I'll take it. 
  • Top post for 2018: I'm beginning to think you only come here for Shep / Sophie pictures. 4 of the 5 are pet related. Oddly enough, the most viewed post is not. 
  • My top post of all times is still a 2010 post on Camel Toe which now has  132,082.  Last year was 132,046 views, which is odd, because the year that it was 132,465 (!!!) views. See why I said "such as they are" in the intro regarding these "stats".
  • Top Five Referring Sources (in order that is non-search engine related) oddly have not changed at all in the last two years - even the order.:  I Should be Laughingthe Closet Professor (moving up a space) Doing Time in Shaker HeightsBosGuy and Sean at Just a Jeep Guy - which is pretty good since Sean seems to have dropped off the blogging world and possibly the Earth itself. (does anyone know what happened to him and if he's alright?)  Congrats to all. 
  • Viewing Audience Top Five Countries (in order) remain the same as last year, as they have the best bots to try to place ads in my comments (I'm guessing): U.S., Russia (seems that Vlad is spying on my BLOTUS rants), France, Germany, and the Ukraine. 

As 2019 goes, no set plans. I'd like to visit new countries.  I mean there are 190 to which I have not yet ventured......though safe to say that Lesotho and Burkina Faso are probably not on the short list.  And I believe, while not pain free, I might have to rejoin the gym and see what I can do to shed 10-15 lbs.....and to tighten some things up - and we're not just talkin' keggles.

I have resolved - yes, I know I don't do those - to try not to start so many sentences with the word 'no'. I hadn't realized how much I do it until a loving husband brought it to my attention. He might not even notice the word goes away, but that's ok too. 

Anyways - I hope you all had a decent 2018, and here's to having a great 2019!

Song by: Lori Carson


anne marie in philly said...

I have no idea what happened to jeep guy; I know his heath was not the best.

HNY to you and 710 and the furkids!

Ur-spo said...

I thank you for letting me be part of your 2018 both here and in Ohio.
I hope you all have a marvelous 2019.

Mark in DE said...

Congrats on 2018 and Happy New Year!