Monday, January 21, 2019

My Music Monday

I think you know, I have a love / hate relationship with Sirius / XM radio.  It's not what it could or should be, but still leaps and bounds better than terrestrial radio - - but what isn't?

Now and then a new song - or a forgotten one - comes across the waves, that makes me go 'oh man, I like this' or 'oh man, I'd forgotten about this one'.

This post is of the latter.

I don't even know which channel it was that played it, but the Rolling Stones came on with, "One Hit to the Body", from their 1986 album, Dirty Work.

I won't say "One Hit...." is their last good song, but the albums after this start to wane a bit.

Mick was still in his 40s and still in peak form here. I think. This is his preening at its best. There are moments here he almost looks, for lack of a better word, "pretty".  While the guitar work is good here, I love the video portion because I have no idea what the fuck Keith Richards is doing - but it doesn't synch up with the music per se.

Charlie Watts kills me. I think he has one drum beat - not just for this song. For ALL Stones songs. But it works for them. If you look quickly and closely, you see Bill Wyman, who'd leave the band about five years later.

Still, I love this song and happy it found its way back into my rotation.

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