Monday, January 28, 2019

My Music Monday

Do you know how most British singers don't necessarily have an accent in song?  Usually it seems, but not always. Herman's Hermits "Henry the 8th" comes to mind.

Oh Snow Patrol with their Scottish accents.  It's adorable when trying to sing "beside" and it comes out "burrside".  You don't quite need Rosetta Stone to get through some of their songs, but it's fun to figger out stuff.  Or when they sing "hahn'd" instead of "hand".

Still, there is a lot of their music I like. And there is finally enough distance from the 45,020,085 plays of "Chasing Cars" for me to be able to listen to it again.

But I've been partial to "Just Say Yes", which I believe is a song tacked on to a greatest hits compilation.  Break out your Scottish to English translation app and let the fun begin.


Raybeard said...

It's been asked now and again (by the British) "Why do so many British singers song with an American accent?" I can't hear it myself apart from, perhaps, in the old rock 'n roll days. It seems that you would agree. If it's there at all it might be something to do with vowels in song often being elongated, a feature more prevalent in American spoken English, whereas with many English/British speakers vowels tends to be more clipped.

Anonymous said...

Snow Patrol are Irish or Northern Irish.