Wednesday, October 17, 2018


I don't know who TI actually is - as I am, after all, a 50-something year old white man - but I think I love him.

He has a new song out, of which I've never heard (or even know the name of) to go along with a video I'm 99% sure I'll never see. No worries, it's still love.  Or at least, respect.

So - in his new vid, he shows BLOTUS leaving the White House, only to go into the Oval Office, or as new organizations have to specify: the "Oval Office, lest you not know that some stray black rapper just got access to the west wing office............oh....wait.  Awkward! *

Anyhoo........TI then sits behind the Resolute desk, smokes a cigar, while a Melanoma look-alike strips off her "I Don't Care, Do U?" jacket and dances nekkid in the room and on the desk.


.....and by 'people' I mean the WH media center and Fox "news".   It's disrespectful - says they. She's the first lady, says they.

Yeah - KLASSY!!!!!  ....and so well refined!

Her thrice married, adultery-laden husband banged a porn "star" for $130 big ones and we're worried about a video being 'disgusting' and 'disrespectful'.

Spare me your faux indignation, you fucking hypocrites.

* for future reference when people come back to read these archives, some has-been name Yeeze, or Kanye went all 5150 at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Song by: Chaka Khan

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Bob said...

I think it's high-larious.
I follow Chris Meloni on Twitter and he pout up that "Don't focus on what I wear, focus on what I do quote" from Melanie along with that second photo.
Summed it up nicely.