Monday, October 22, 2018

My Music Monday

I've reloaded my iPhone with music that had just been languishing in my music liberry.  So I'm rediscovering songs - some for better, some for worse - but at least I'm trying "new" stuff out.

The Go-Go's last studio album was in 2001. Yikes.

I mean, they're still out there plugging away - though they 'retired' from touring. They do one-off shows, because heroine is cheap but it ain't free, but they don't tour per se.

And they don't record new music, which I always found odd, because it's not like anyone is asking for another Jane Weidlen solo album, and there is only so much French vibrato (or worse - eastern mantra songs that sold probably 18 copies?) that one can take from Belinda Carlisle.  What DO they do with all their free time these last 18 years?

Sure, there is a Broadway show with their music, but it doesn't date past 2001 and they're not in it, so..that's not sucking up studio time.

So from their last album, G-d Bless the Go-Go's, which I thought was decent, but not great, I've discovered one of those songs I used to hit 'skip' on the CD player, "Apology".

Part of my rediscovery phase is to force myself to sit through all the songs, to see what, if anything, I missed. And I did miss really good parts of some fair songs.  And founds song that were good.

I'm really liking today's selection and I don't know what I missed the first time around. Written by bassist Kathy Valentine, who has always been one of the more interesting writers in the band, it has a good cadence and some interesting vocal runs - mostly with the verse "in the meantime / I live, I work, I wait, I hope, I still have faith / That what was mine / Can still be mine".   Valentine wrote it, but Carlisle makes it work.

I now find myself hitting 'repeat' instead of 'skip'

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