Monday, October 15, 2018

My Music Mondays

Rosanne Cash has her first new album in almost five years coming out next month, She Remembers Everything.

Yes, I pre-ordered, as 2018 has been slim pickins for music. Honestly, when was my last Record of the "Month" entry?

I always have high-hopes for Cash. She rarely disappoints. If I'm being frightfully honest, the two songs they released with the pre-order were fair. Not horrible, but nothing great either.

I'll reserve judgment (well, kind of) on the entire disk until after it comes out.

She did release a third track at the end of last week. I'm back to feeling better about the disk.

"Not Many Miles to Go" is way more upbeat than the first two track. Cash, oddly, does upbeat well. The odder things is, while upbeat, the song seems to be about her husband and the passing of time and how life is becoming shorter, yet love still prevails.

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