Friday, October 26, 2018

Windy City

I'm on the road. Kind of.

Chicago. For three nights.  And let's be clear, it's not 'the Loop' Chicago. It's the airport hotel Chicago. For a conference. that goes until 18:00......on a SATURDAY.

This is my first work travel since taking this job three years ago. As you know, my last gig, I was away more than I was home. I was so used to the airports, shuttles, etc, that I was numb to it all.

As I stood in line for group 4 to be called (oh, the HORROR!), I had a hard time remembering how I did it all and for so long.

The non-first class seat didn't help, nor did the person next to me with her 4" nails playing clips from her Facebook page - without headphones, thank you! - of people saying 'fuck' every three seconds.

I'm fine with vile language, but I wasn't getting this  - let alone on a plane. But it's a BLOTUS world now, so these are the kind of miscreants we walk amongst.

Day one - so far so good. 

Last night I FaceTimed with 710 and Shep. I'm 99% sure I haven't used FaceTime since my last travels. Petey was still alive then.

On one slight slight slight hand, I miss travel. I can pinpoint which part, but I do. Except for the fact that I want to be home nightly with Sophie, Shep and 710.

I stayed and ate in my hotel room, like old times but over the weekend, I plan to take the train into the city for dinner with friends - or even by my lonesome.

We'll see.................

Song by: Alison Krauss


Travel said...

Get into the city and enjoy Chicago, I will be there in 3 weeks.

anne marie in philly said...

go to the city, that toddlin' town!