Sunday, October 14, 2018

Are You Looking at Me?

I really know how to throw an outfit together, no?

My Shep walking fall still plagues me.  Or plaques me. Possibly both.

I have fair days and worse days. Currently there are no good days. I stopped anti-inflammatories two weeks ago as they do nothing for pain.

I'm 99% sure I tore my meniscus. My physical therapy guy - oh yes, I have "a guy" - who I would assume has seen more of this injury than I, shook his head in acknowledgement of my self-diagnosis.

My ortho guy - actually, I have TWO of those! - isn't in saying anything yet, but figgers I should have an MRI.  Yesterday was said day.  One day short of a month since the tumble.

The schedulers tried to put me off of a 07:15 appointment on a Saturday because it was so early. I'm up two hours before that. I took it.

What you can see from my pic, and what I didn't catch, but the tech did:   fitbit and ring still on.  I never have my ring off, so it never occurred to me to put it in my patient locker. It's all good, the magnets didn't rip them off my body.

26 minutes it took for the test.  I don't get the results back for a few days - but I'm already planning a surgery date in December.  I'm trying to have November plans - and I'm not going to let a surgery fuck that up.

I've gone this long - another 7 weeks isn't going matter, is it?

Well we'll see what the doc says in a few days.

I know it wasn't Shep's fault that I fell, but we were at that park to entertain him. Petey cost a ton of dough (and worth every penny) from his health issues.  Shep will make me broke from the MRI, potential surgery and my soaring petrol costs.

We fill up my tank weekly, which is new for me. 2-4 parks per weekend, plus my mother's house and 2-3 day care drop-offs/pick-ups, adds up.

Shep might land me in the poor house - but it will be worth every penny.

Song by: Colin Hay


Travel said...

I was trying to describe an MRI to a neighbor, the best I could come up with was laying in a drain pipe while 100 drummers practice on the outside. I have one scheduled on Monday.

anne marie in philly said...

I've never had an MRI and hope to never have one.

if so, it would HAVE to be an open machine; claustrophobia would NOT let me be in a tube.

I bet you won't need surgery.

Ur-spo said...

Ouch indeed
I hope you get some remedy and soon.