Monday, October 29, 2018

My Music Monday

So, I was O'Hare this weekend, waiting for my 09:00 flight. The gate was by the Goose Island brewery bar / stand.  Mind you, the flight was a 09:00, so this was like 07:50.  I'm no angel, but there were far too many people sitting at the bar consuming beer.

Yes. I judged.

Sure, I got in at 12mn from a party where I consumed all of three beers. Yes. I was NOT drunk when doing karaoke. Wonders do never cease.

Anyhoo......since Doug and I were deep into '80s tracks for our sing-a-long, maybe it was the fates, but standing near gate B1 was Oingo Boingo playing "Dead Man's Party",  which is possible I hadn't heard in, I dunno, 1988?

I didn't know there was a bad video to go along, but apparently there is.


JP said...

You singing karaoke? Now that I would like to see.

CALVIN said...

The clip is from "Back to School". Total 80s movie.