Friday, October 19, 2018

Killing an Arab

While it probably doesn't need to be said.......again........this Khashoggi thing is just fucked up.

......and I don't mean just his live dismemberment.  I'm sure that was horrific.

What kills me (well, and him) on that was, over a week ago there were reports of him being chopped up, but then the stories went back to, "he's missing" and "IF he's dead.....".    Now we are back to he was alive when they started cutting him up.

The first weird thing? pre-BLOTUS (though he was still a BL) purchased a $29MM yacht from one Saudi billionaire (a real billionaire, that is) Adnan Khashoggi.  He was a middle man for arms dealers. 

Maybe "Khashoggi" is the "Smith" of Saudi Arabia, but it's all very weird to me.

pre-BLOTUS renamed the ship the BLOTUS Princess, because, you know.......ego.

Fun Fact 1:   As the Princess would go up the East River, workers dangling from the Brooklyn Bridge while restoring it, would piss on the boat as it passed underneath.

Fun Fact 2:   the ship was repossessed by creditor, as pre-BLOTUS was $900MM in debt. 

I don't really believe in a world of coincidences, so the two Khashoggi thing is weird.

But the at-first, but then not again, faux concern from BLOTUS for a journalist was the big tell in my book.  Save Sean Hannity, when has this half a man ever cared what happened to any journalist (and I really don't mean to call Hannity one of those..........because he's not)?

That faux concern died a more peaceful death than Khashoggi himself. Then it was on to puckering up for the crowned prince of Saudi Arabia - I mean, weapons were involved.........and one-ninth of BLOTUS' earlier debt was at stake.

I think BLOTUS is seeing if Saudi Arabia can get away with this, just so he can see if he can do the same thing to Jake Tapper.

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Harry Hamid said...

Sickening... The difference you can see in our fuhrer when he's talking so emotionally about most topics compared to when he doesn't give a crap at all (Nazis on the East Coast, sexual assault by republicans, torture and death of journalists) is telling.

anne marie in philly said...

both khashoggis are related; uncle to nephew, I believe.

Raybeard said...

The Very Stable Genius (Ha ha!) sure has an uncanny knack of picking the most unsavoury characters to excuse or cosy up to. Birds of a feather, I suppose.