Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Stand and Deliver

The words "liberal elite" will be tossed around.  They will say "unpatriotic". 

Remember when the Dixie Chicks' career was ruined by saying, they were embarrassed the president was from Texas, and they didn't want war?   Say what you want, but they separated the office from the person.

Robert De Niro?  No so much.

The Chick's remark was back in 2003.  15 years later it is a very very different world.

BLOTUS supporters won't see the difference of what and how they say things about anyone who is non-BLOTUS or Ivankwhore or her pussy of a husband.  De Niro's statement is clean, concise and he knows how to read a room.

Was it disrespectful?  In the big scheme of things - yes, as I would like to think people are bigger and better than our president. But BLOTUS doesn't get subtlety.....or tact......or discretion - so an anvil from ACME Inc seems to be in order.  De Niro's comment was the right tool for the job.

....and he got a standing ovation for it.  .....at the Tonys.

Yes, I'm queer.  Yes, I've been to Broadway any number of times (ok, I can count on less than two hands), but I don't watch the Tonys - mostly because Mike hasn't asked to make a wager on them (and he dislikes musicals the way I do) - so I didn't see the above clip live.

Queue BLOTUS to tweet what a failing actor De Niro is (and to be fair, he's not completely wrong),  the way he did with Meryl Fucking Streep a few years back.  "Overrated" was the adjective used, I believe. ......and I think we can all agree if there are any words that can be attributed to BLOTUS, that is in the top 10.

Anyhoo........way to go De Niro.  ....it was a way better performance than any of the Focker movies.

Song by: Adam & the Ants

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