Thursday, June 21, 2018

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BLOTUS' reversal on separating families (which must have just killed him to sign......though mid-terms are coming up!) aside, I may as well keep with a theme of child separation and overall abhorrent behaviour.

BLOTUS & Co. are still not set on reunited the 2300 kids to their parents. Hell, that twat Kirstjen Nielsen doesn't even know where some of the kids or parents are.  She's too busy eating ironic tacos (I wonder if I or anyone will get that reference in a year?).

Some enterprising people went and scraped LinkedIn for every ICE worker who had the galls and balls to put up their profile.

These enterprising people compiled the data and published it here.

I do not even struggle one iota passing this on - and encouraging any / all of you to post it to any social media site to which you belong - due to the fact of the circumstances in which we now find ourselves.

Rounding up folks like this is the semi-equivalent of Germany invading Poland in 1939.  This is how it starts. We have tools to out / shame folks who work for ICE.

I totally get that this is their job and it's what puts shelter over their family's heads and food on their table.   ......and I totally don't care.

That even one of these ICE folks can go home and sleep at night is enough for me to help push out all their names. There are more respectable lines of cleaning the bathrooms at Taco Bell.  ......and now that ICE is in the process of detaining or deporting all the folks that would have gladly done that Taco Bell  job for a paycheck, I'm sure there are plenty of positions for which they can apply.

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anne marie in philly said...

or they can wash dishes, or clean hotel rooms, or pick produce, or mow lawns...bastards all!