Thursday, June 07, 2018


Would it reflect poorly on me that I considered making light - kind of - of Kate Spade's passing? 

Of course it would. 

But how can one not bring up being related by marriage to David Spade. Even the thought of having to watch Joe Dirt would make me want to hang myself. 

While I never saw the movie, you gotta figure Kate had to due to family obligations.  ....and you gotta figure there is no coming back from that. 

There is also the downer of selling your handbag company for a measly $125M when someone then turns around and sells it for $2.4 BILLION. 

That said, all the money in the world doesn't free oneself from mental illness. It doesn't discriminate. The old adage of money not buying happiness could apply here. 

Nor does it seem to be the answer for assistance to care. Clearly, Spade could afford that if she so chose ( and maybe she did), but the stigma remains. I kind of get that. Kind of. 

My cousin and I have joked that all of our family members are on some sort of anti-depressant or anti-anxiety med. I'd say we're pretty open about it. My sister and I had to relay this to my mother after my dad died and she spent time in the hospital. But admitting depression to her doctor was something she could not do.........for a long time. 

The funny thing is how many people do take something. If everyone knew how many, the stigma wouldn't be as acute. 

But there are many who don't have the stigma, yet don't have access to health care, let alone mental health care. Look at every white mass murderer out there. All the news or politicians will talk about is their mental health and lack of care.  Still, it's out of reach for them the way the system is built. 

The above tweet kills me. Not so much the response. In a way, not so much the original. It seems mental illness can be treated, but being dumb is just a chronic condition.  Does that feckless cunt - yeah, I said it - really think before she tweets?  How could she not have seen the responses coming before she ever hit 'send'? 

Too bad Ivanka is not sister-in-law to David Spade. Then I could make a Just Shoot Me joke. 

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Raybeard said...

Ivanka asked for it and got it. Now she can go crying to Daddy about how everyone is so mean!