Saturday, June 02, 2018

Running Down the Road

Best Blog Day of the Week.  Probably.

Roly Poly Puppy. 

My mother rewarding her favourite grand-dog. 
I'm speculating.  He takes things so gently. 

Running free on the driving range.

Lording over her brother. 

Song by: Chris Isaak


Raybeard said...

Sophie's got a look that says "Okay, I'll tolerate you - but one bad move and you're OUT!"

Anonymous said...

Sweet pic of your Mum.

anne marie in philly said...

mom & granddog is the keeper photo of the week.

the driving range photo is a close second - look at those ears fly!

Deedles said...

Such a sweet, sweet doggie.

CALVIN said...

Sophie Looks about ready to bite your toe. Congrats on the car. Enjoy.