Monday, June 25, 2018

My Music Monday

Week 7.  Albums (and one selection) that were important during your formative years.

Granted Abbey Road came out when I was 5, but it was one of those albums to which I gravitated as I did my rock music education.

There are a lot of great Beatles albums for sure, but Abbey Road was a little more unique, if nothing else than for Side 2.  After "Here Comes the Sun" (yawn!), and "Because" (arguably on of their best executed songs), comes a medley of eight seamlessly segued and semi-connected songs.

Abbey Road was the last recorded disk by the band, but not the final release. Let it Be was released as their last disk, but Abbey Road was recorded later and released earlier.


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Raybeard said...

I like 'Here Comes the Sun" a lot - a really lovely song which, of course, others are permitted to DISlike if they must.

Btw: For the 50 years since the album's release I've always wondered (because I've never really asked) if the first words to that song and to Lennon's 'Sun King' being exactly the same was entirely a coincidence, which seems unlikely, or was it a conscious cribbing of one from another - or was it, as I suspect, one of them playing word games. (End of wundrin'!)

Btw2: I also particularly like 'She Came in through the Bathroom Window'. If it had been extended into a yet longer piece it could really have been a major rock number among their releases - though we know that by then a major success for them as a cohesive unit was the last thing on their minds.