Thursday, June 28, 2018

Drivin' Nails in My Coffin

This will be short and sour.

I cannot believe how fucked as a nation we are now. Kiss jurisprudence goodbye.

I do not say this lightly:  having BLOTUS fill another Supreme Court seat is actually worse than him winning another term in office.

The phrase these days seems to be: "civility".

All I can say is the Dems better get their shit together and refuse to let any nomination even get to discussion let alone a vote.  It worked for Weasel McConnell and while I'd like to think the Democrats are better than that - this is not the time to 'go high'.......all apologies to Michelle Obama.

This is honestly depressing as fuck.  I've tried to block it out today, but felt the need to record it here for history.......however short it will now be.

Song by: Rhonda Vincent


anne marie in philly said...

me too. all of us (except str8 white males) are under attack.

Theaterdog said...

Dear Blobby,
Thank you for that post...

I am a 'reader' and a loyal one for a long time ..I come to you for entertainment and sanity thank you for them all.

I think we all woke this morning (I am in France) to this announcement that has been on our minds as the most pivotal "What if" since during the campaign.. the stake(s) were high and have just been driven through the heart .. well .. and again, thank you

In Pride