Wednesday, June 13, 2018

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 99th 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Now it's just Erik and myself - that I know it's the only blog post he's still doing......for now.  

I still continue to do this, because of all my consistent post topics, I actually like this one the most.

06:10.  Cereal bowls in the dishwasher. 

06:30.  Leaving for work....using my new back-up camera. 

06:45.  Walking into work via the front entrance.

08:35.  X-ray Time. 

My last visit to the ortho surgeon. I'm all healed. 
It's only taken 7 months and 12 days. ....but who's counting? 

11:00.  Break-time. 

12:45.  ...and underwhelming salad. It looked pretty though. 

14:02.   Apparently no one seems to be concerned about being "on time" for a 2p meeting. 

17:20.  At my parking deck, leaving work. 

17:45.  Shep freed from his pied-à-terre 

17:55.  Training. 

Shep needs some behavioural training.  We nick or buzz him. It doesn't hurt him just gets his attention.  I actually only needed to use it once on the walk. He followed the commands without the negative reinforcement.  ....and we're only on day two. 

18:05.  Cut the lawn. 
Had to do it to beat the rain that never happened. 

22:00.  Nighttime Dolls. 
....don't want to end up like Bourdain or Spade, ya know......


anne marie in philly said...

glad to hear you are healed from your accident!

Travel said...

Thanks for the glimpse into a day in the life of.

Deedles said...

What a smart doggy! My maltese, Cujo, has to have a bark collar on every time he's in the back yard. The neighbors complained about the barking. The thing startles him every time he barks, and yet he continues to do so within reason. He's either very stupid, or he's a rebel and he'll never, ever be any good.
What I meant to say is, glad your hand is better.

Ur-spo said...

I always enjoy your 12 on 12.

Anonymous said...

You’ve EATEN breakfast at 6.10???

Blobby said...

No JP - I've eaten b'fast by 5:30. I then read the paper and do some emails......get dressed and then put the dishes away.