Friday, August 25, 2017

Chinese Democracy

I pretty much have nothing.

The lotto losing thing has me in a funk. I really needed that $759 million.

Life has been work and...well And 05:00 dog walks.

I would think that the police officers who patrol the 'hood at that time of morning would eventually stop to say 'hi'. Usually I get the searchlight shone on me, as I'm a common criminal casing the houses whilst carrying a light-up dog leash......and a dog.

My goal on these walks is to avoid skunks.  They are seemingly plentiful now. I can guarantee three per a.m. walk. Oddly, our evening walks used to be fraught with squirrels.  I am now on a four day streak of not one squirrel sited. Poor Shep stops and looks up at every tree just to check. He's not been rewarded.


In other new...........I took a stupid-ass Facebook thingy. It's not really a quiz.  They look at your profile pic and determine your ethnicity.

Didn't they do a great job?

They at least got one right...............but not the percentage. Not even close.

However - - and it's too bad Birdie is dead, as she would mock me for not smiling in pictures. I would have to (re)explain it because it makes me look Asian.   ....and now I'm 24% Han Chinese.....whatever that is....and I'm not even smiling. So I've data now to back up that statement.

They need to improve their facial recognition software.

I don't usually work for the weekend.......but I am glad this week is over. I'm hoping we have fun weekend plans.......but they seem to be up in the air........................Meredity!

Song by: Guns N Roses


David G said...

This app is terrible! There is definitely much more Chinese than 24%!

Deedles said...

That's so funny! I had a woman once insist that I was half Black and half Chinese. She said the combination was so beautiful :) I hated to burst her bubble, but not a drop of Asian blood here. Creole roots can confuse some people. A Hawaiian co-worker of my husband asked if I was Samoan or Tongan (I'm on the hefty side). I also get approached by people speaking to me in Spanish. Ain't variety grand?

I really like your face. I find it very interesting, not to mention attractive.