Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Busted Stuff

SCROTUS and North Korea.  I just can't.

As 710 said a the morning after the election:  "ride out the apocalypse with me?".

We might not have to wait full-term.  Maybe Kim Jong Un is just doing us a favour. Perhaps he actually feels sorry for the mistreatment we as a country are getting under our fucked up leader with bad hair.  I mean, if anyone can relate, it would be he.


What else do we have......

Oh yeah, SCROTUS tweeted classified information that Fox "News".  I'm sorry - but wasn't someone vilified for having non-classified information in emails?  And wasn't a current president and his Fox co-horts the ones who were the ones with pitchforks and torches?

So either neither of them know what irony may be, or they don't understand what is classified as classified information.  Either way, I'm a little scared.


Dump and his pals have a new low in approval ratings, though he's denying it. Shocking.  'Declining approval amid widespread mistrust' - so say the headlines.

See, this is why Dump well all 'Fire and Fury' - because when you're numbers are in the tank, a war always helps.........................for a while.  Right, Shrub? And it's easy to distract from your unpopularity by making threats of a starting the New Cold War.


Oh - and this press shit of Dump having a 'working vacation'.  Are they fucking kidding me?

They make it sound like past presidents never got a daily security briefing or just turned off their BlackBerry.  Hell, even Shrub got updates on Katrina.........sure he did nothing with the 4-1-1, but he got the intel.

Once again, the Fake News media is letting Dump off the hook, like he's the first one to take a call while letting down his hair and pulling up his Depends.  They make him sound almost like a martyr. But that's how it goes.......he's been controlling the media since day 1.

.....that missile cannot get here fast enough.

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