Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Oh c'mon!   You had to know that this would be today's blog post title, right?  I mean, there is not "Partial Eclipse of the Heart" song.

I dilly-dallied (oh yes....yes I did) on getting the eclipse glasses. I figured - "oh......there will be plenty", as the nature center was selling them, as well as the natural history museum and all libraries just giving them out.

And gave them all out they did...........except to one ill-prepared and sad Blobby.

A neighbor, who seemingly thought I'd be home at 14:31, said I could come over and share his. I went all martyr and said, "no......no......I'll just got blind!"

But I figgered that while I can't look into the sun (and really, what moron has ever been taught they could?)....

....that I might utilize my phone/camera to get some images without even having to singe my retinas.

That was a fairly crappy plan, as I found out.

To me, the sun looked bright. I never saw even a shadow of anything. I went to the top of a parking deck where there'd be nothing blocking the view.  I almost kind of missed the big hoo-ha.

On my way back inside, a chap saw I had no glasses and offered me his for a minute. They really do make all the difference. What you couldn't see with your own eyes was quite visible and beautiful. I tried to get a pic through the filter, but it did not come out.  Someone in the elevator on my way back to my office did it successfully and it was an awesome picture.

I got this........my own version of the total eclipse.

710's office did it up right. Everyone got a pair of glasses - and solar system related food products (see title image). Amazingly, no one brought and Sunny D with which to wash it all down.

Still........I have to believe science deniers figured the gods were mad with them and extinguished the lights. ...but only a little mad because it was only semi-dark for like 3 minutes. You know g-d.....he only does thing that are temporary.

Song by: Bonnie Tyler


Raybeard said...

In the video, pity that at 'total' we don't see a corona around your head. Would have been so apt!

Bob said...

Carlos' office had a viewing party with BBQ lunch, Sun Pop and Moon Pies.
We were very close to prime viewing spots so we got a good look at it, and the darkness and cool down that came for about a minute or two!

Fearsome Beard said...

It just barely dimmed a bit here. We were way out of the path.

Mark in DE said...

My office handed out glasses to anyone/everyone and even hosted a BBQ! But then again, they'll take any excuse to eat and drink at work.