Thursday, August 24, 2017

I Feel Lucky

Should I happen to win the Powerball drawing last night - - which happens well after my bedtime - - you shant be hearing from me again, most likely.

Oh, I might have one last post while I wait for that $700,000,000 check to clear, but who'll have to time to blog?

Well, I suppose if I was closing in on a billion dollars, I'd have nothing but time to blog....from my Gulfstream.

I didn't really even know of this potential jackpot until two days ago. And just bought my, like six hours before the drawing.

I get there is a 0.0000003% of winning. But I quintupled my chances by buying five. so I'm like at 0.000000365%, so it seems I'm a shoe-in to snag this mother.

I could never live long enough to spend all that least not on myself. So I'm sure I'd do good in the world. Well.......I'm pretty sure.  "Good" is all relative, no?

If nothing else, Shep will get a new duck toy every single day.

Song by: Mary Chapin Carpenter


Travel said...

Sorry, it wasn't me either.

anne marie in philly said...

I LOVE MCC's video for this song!

my spouse didn't win either. back to the salt mines today.

Deedles said...

The last thing I tried for was that Ed McMahon thingy (it's been awhile). I don't understand how this Lotto stuff works and I'm too lazy to look it up somewhere. I figure, if they have that much money to give away, why not feed the homeless or something, but that's just me. I could use that money for the medicine that works on my r.a. which my insurance doesn't cover, naturally. Daily dog ducks are nice too.

Raybeard said...

Just heard on our (British) news that the winner hasn't come forward yet. Are you SURE it's not you? Do check again.