Monday, August 07, 2017

My Music Monday

You know how I said my "Guilty Pleasure" theme could go south really fast?  Is week #2 too fast? Because I decided to pull the trigger and just go for the worst case scenario:

Andy Gibb.

Yes.  You read that right.

Now now...... before you get too judgmental or don't read farther, give me a second to 'splain.

I'm not a fan of his or anything. Not that I know many of his songs, but there is only one I like. And if I dig deeper, there is one part of one song that I like:  "Love is Thicker (than Water)".

Gibb didn't write it or anything. Well, not Andy Gibb. Barry did. His Bee Gee brother. But Barry is all over the song, in style and well, you can pretty much hear his vocals too.

I'm not 100% sure Andy had talent for anything other than snorting coke and banging Victoria Principal. Even I had "talent" for one of those things.

Quick story (what you say?  too late?), I remember a semi-pre-dyke Kristy McNichol intro'ing the song on Solid Gold saying how much she loved Andy Gibb way back when.  1977?  1978?  Morty - help a brother out.

Still it's the couplet (triplet?) "while I need her more / than she needs you / that's what I'm livin' (praying) for" is just done so well and so unexpected compared to the rest of Gibb's - Andy or the Bee Gees - work.  And that is the part of the song that makes me stick through the rest of the play.

Hey - make fun of me all you want, but it's not like I'm proud of this in any way, shape or form. But at least it's not "Shadow Dancing".

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