Tuesday, November 08, 2016

It's Now or Never

Today is THE day.

Honestly, I don't know how else to put it.

Does it go too far to say that the fate of the entire Western Civilization rests in the outcome of this election?

Perhaps that assumption is not a strong enough.

I'll be honest, I'm expecting the worst case scenario. People are unpredictable and (t)Rump-tards have really nothing better to do with their lives, now that Mexican rapists have taken all their jobs.

So, these "'tards", if you will, will be the ones who go out and vote....and afterward will stick around or near the polling places to intimidate others.

Many polls have Hillary up - some by 4%, some up to 12. Emerson College is saying the Electoral College will have Clinton winning by 112 electoral votes.

I am betting on Ohio being red. The "as goes Ohio" thing doesn't really apply here if Donny wins Ohio, but loses the big race. You see, the reality is, the rule is: no GOP president has won the race without winning Ohio.

They can still carry the state and lose the race.

Democrats have lost the state and won the country. So it's not really "as goes Ohio....", at least not for all parties.

Back to the polls. It almost has to be a 12% win for Clinton. Something so definitive that Il Douche and the subsequent courts can't discount.  3-4% isn't going to do it.  ....and let's not kid ourselves, I'd wager $$$$ this is going to the courts should Clinton be victorious.

Hell, it might got there if (t)Rump wins.

And let's think about this: a 3-4% win over Donald Trump.

How the fuck did we get here?

It should have never ever ever been this close. And maybe it won't be. I'm no fan of the media in this election. I won't say the polls are "rigged", but they're reported on to make they seem closer than they possibly are. It helps ratings.

News organizations - especially television - really helped propagate the man as a candidate.  They touted him in endless amounts of stories while never holding him to anything concrete. He played them like a fiddle. You think they'd be embarrassed by it all, but it really comes down to their ad rate, so they don't really care.

And lets's face it - a (t)Rump presidency would be pure gold for news outlets.  I mean, for the 17 months before we're all gunned down - domestically or from abroad....or by him having the nuclear codes.

I honestly do not know how anyone could still be an 'undecided' voter, but allegedly they exist. If the barrage of ads the last few days (our phone has not stopped ringing the entire night) actually sways a voter - either way - they get what they deserve.

My vote has been cast for weeks. If your has not - and you're registered - you had better get out there to cast your ballot.

The only thing more deplorable than someone supporting Trump is the apathetic who can't seem to be bothered.

You don't have to like Hillary. I'm not sure I do. But the alternative is so much worse and on every. single. level.

Let's hope this gets wrapped up quicker than an Indians-Cubs game. And let's hope the outcome is better.

Song by: Elvis Presley


Travel said...

Headed out to vote, I am expecting a line.

anne marie in philly said...

my poll opens in 55 minutes; I'mma gonna go make HERstory!

Fearsome Beard said...

Yes please VOTE!

Mark in DE said...

Its dumbfounding to me that this election is even close at all. The choice is between an intelligent, experienced person and a flamboyant, incompetent person. Really??? What's to be "undecided" about?